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Every now and then I accumulate some facts that just don’t work in a specific category.

So I thought I would make a potpourri of facts on several things I’m sure you have thought about over the years.

Friday Fun Facts About Fun Facts

  • One-year-old babies are able to understand complex social interactions, including friendship and bullying.
  • If you spend a large part of your day playing video games there is a good chance that you will have trouble sleeping.
  • Studies show that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger there is a good chance you will be a candidate for casual sex. I didn’t do the study.
  • The “Teddy Love” bear just might be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Its nose and tongue vibrate at 10 different speeds. So much for the lousy candy and flowers.
  • “Murder for a jar of red rum,” spells the same thing backwards. Put that on your radar.
  • “Was it Eliot’s toilet I saw?,” spelled backwards is “Was it Eliot’s toilet I saw?” Not sure why the interest in Eliot or his toilet.
  • A woman has unknowingly been driving a car containing 13 and a half pounds of marijuana for several years. Police believe the previous owner, who is now a “person of interest” to the DEA, left the stash in the vehicle.
  • Thanks to England’s King Richard II you now have what is commonly called a “handkerchief” in your pocket. No word yet on which king came up with Kleenex.
  • An oyster can change its sex up to four times a year. Really comes in handy on date night.
  • Australia knows how to pick ‘em. For their first police cadets they chose the nicest convicts. So much for psychology.
  • That Rubik’s Cube guy took an entire month before solving the cube. What a klutz.
  • “The Musalman” is the last handwritten newspaper in the world. Hope the editor isn’t a doctor.

Some Final Thoughts

Facts are those fun things that make us scratch our heads and wonder who comes up with this stuff? Who even thinks about it to begin with and then goes on a quest to find the answer.

Have any fun or unusual facts or trivia you’d like to see in a future blog? Send them off to me at tom@kmmsam.com.

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