From the people who gave us the "gopher cam" to sass up NASCAR here are just a few things they have up their sleeves, and they are testing them out this weekend in Seattle:

  1. An infrared camera that will show how players' body temperatures change throughout the game
  2. An unspecified device will show how wind affects a quarterback or kicker
  3. More high-tech 4K cameras than ever before to zoom in for "that definitive angle."

All this from Eric Shanks, Fox Sports chief operating officer and executive producer, who continued:

"It's not like football isn't played in the cold. We were just in Green Bay," he said. "The NFL shouldn't be apologizing for a cold-weather Super Bowl. If this goes off well, I think we should give another Super Bowl to a cold-weather city. How great would it be to have a Super Bowl in Green Bay?"