Former Senator Jim DeMint, now President of the Heritage Foundation, authors a revealing manifesto for curing America of what ails it in the new book Falling In Love With America Again.

Through this research, DeMint developed a “Bigonomics” theory—rather, how the “Bigs” (big government, big bureaucracies, big business) are choking free markets and smothering the institutions that built and sustained a prosperous United States of America—families, communities, small business—which he, borrowing a phrase from Edmund Burke, refers to as “platoons”. “Now, big is not always bad—America is a land of big ideas, big dreams, and big accomplishments,” DeMint shares. “But present-day big government is replacing self-government.”

Based on the Heritage Foundation’s extensive research and DeMint’s insiders’ perspective on Washington, Falling In Love With America Again offers three bold suggestions to unite Americans and secure America’s place as the leader of the free world:
·      Competitive Federalism: Moving power and dollars out of Washington and back to the states and the people should be a top priority. The process can begin by giving states more flexibility in areas such as education, health care, transportation, and energy.
·      Fiscal Responsibility: A platform to unite America would insist that Washington must balance the federal budget, create a simple, pro-growth tax code, reform Social Security and Medicare to save them for the future, reform welfare programs to rescue Americans from dependency, reduce federal taxes and move programs to the states. Congress should also assert its constitutional power to manage our currency and establish a rules-based monetary system to rein in the out-of-control Federal Reserve.
·      Strong Defense and a Focused Foreign Policy: America cannot be secure and prosperous if its borders are not controlled. Immigration policy should not be designed to reward those who are here illegally; it should be designed to improve the lives and increase the incomes of citizens and of immigrants who are here legally. America’s foreign policy must be refocused on strategies that protect and benefit our citizens and our allies. When America is strong, moral, and prosperous, it will shape the rest of the world by example—not by meddling.