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Let’s face facts. February is totally useless. February is like an entire month of Monday mornings.

Football is over, baseball hasn’t started and won’t till April, and basketball’s “March Madness” is still a month away.

There is some pro-hockey going on but no one really follows that.

Is There Anything Good About February?

There is Valentine’s Day. It’s mandatory that I like that day if I want to stay married. But something sweet and shinny is also required. And just when I finally got Christmas paid for.

It’s cold, usually snowy, usually cloudy, and we’re still on standard time and that means most people drive to work in the dark and home in the dark.

For those who ski there is at least some relief on the slopes.

The Leap Year Thing Is Really Stupid

Every four years we add a day to February because of the 365 and ¼ days going around the sun each year. Adding an extra day to February is just plain stupid.

Whoever came up with that idea needs more serious medication. If you are going to add a day to a month why not make it count and add it to July or August?

It’s warm, it’s daylight longer, and the kids can play outside. Plus we’d get an extra day of Dairy Queen. What’s the down side to that?

There is no earthly reason to add an extra day to February.

No Three-Day Weekends

There are no national three-day weekends in February or March where the majority of us need, but never get, a break.

We will all celebrate President’s Day on Monday the 16th. But, only bankers and federal workers will get that day off. The rest of you will have to toil tirelessly at your desk or assigned workplace.

I think a three-day Labor Day weekend should be moved to February because just having to endure the longest 28 or 29 days of the year deserves some reward.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m already depressed and I still have 25 more days to go before anything resembling happiness will occur. In March baseball spring training games will begin showing fans in warm climes dressed in shirtsleeves. Basketball will be getting down to the top teams.

But February? Please give me something — anything.

I guess I’ll just curl up in my electric blanket, my hot toddy, and gaze out the window at the bare trees waving in the freezing wind and wait for March.

February – get thee behind me.

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