When I was once a younger man, I decided to backpack around Europe. After careful months of planning, reading and research (this was before Google, kids) the day came and I was off for, what would become the first of my adventures abroad.

I was careful, in that I left behind my itinerary with friend and family and had scheduled "call home" days planned in advance. But oh, it was so amazing and all so new. I drank it all in. From my two week Irish travel companion - she broke my heart on the Spanish Steps in Rome - to the majestic beauty of the island city of Mont St. Michel, west of Paris. I could go on... but the point was I missed a "call home" day or two when on a whim I traveled to Prague... My mother called the U.S. Embassy and hilarity ensued.

That was just a small part of my adventure; read below to create your own.

(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

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