Elmore Leonard, whose gritty fiction provided the basis of films including "Jackie Brown," and "Get Shorty," and the FX television show "Justified," has died at 87.

He won many awards, including, in 2009, PEN USA's lifetime achievement award, and kept working almost up until the end. While his fiction remained timely as ever, but his technique was old-fashioned.

"I still write everything in longhand first, on these special yellow pads that I have made up," he said in a 2010 interview. "I always used them when I started out, working at an ad agency, doing Chevy ads, and I still like to work that way. Then I type it all out, but I never use a computer."

He also had a knack for inspiring adaptations: His books and short stories inspired a half century of big and small screen adaptations, including two different versions of "3:10 to Yuma," five decades apart. Others included "Hombre," "Out of Sight" and "Rum Punch," which became "Jackie Brown."

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