A Listener sent me an email this week about possible "Drone Attacks" or surveillance over the US, and wanted to know if I had heard anything. Well, disturbing, but yes. Written by Gary North on February 15, 2012

The drone technology makes it possible to conduct warfare against civilians from 10,000 miles away. These attacks do not involve ground-based troops. They are risk-free for the military initially. But they create permanent resistance movements. The victims’ families are willing to support the domestic opposition.

The number of drone attacks is increasing. President Obama denies this. It is now verified by a non-American independent journalistic organization that these strikes on civilians are numerous. It is an active policy of the military.

Because the attacks are on foreign civilians, they attract little media coverage in the USA. This enables the military to perfect the technology in a real-world setting. The American voters do not see what is coming.

This technology is openly used against civilians. This fact is crucial. This technology is not confined to attacking military targets.