I did. I Spent Friday finishing up some last minute stocking stuffer shopping. I made my was to the big boxes, through almost every store in the Gallatin Valley Mall, Hastings, CVS, Target, Walmart, Kmart, 3 grocery stores, 5 convenience stores...and I could not find the one thing in Bozeman or Belgrade that I was looking for. What was it?MISTLETOE!!!!  That's right, you could use to find it in the Christmas departments, or at checkouts as a last minute thing you would pick up. But I did not see ONE twig of Mistletoe. What the heck is going on is it a conspiracy! Actually a shortage this year. I did some research and found out that the state that has the biggest production of Mistletoe, Texas, had such a statewide drought this year that they did not have enough to go commercial this year.

There are many species of mistletoe. But the kissing kind that is native to the United States, a semiparasitic plant that grows wild in certain parts of the country, is scarce this year because of a relentless drought in Texas and adverse weather elsewhere.

The branches normally have smooth green leaves and small white berries. One of the country's largest suppliers, Tiemann's Misletoe in Priddy, Tex., has halted shipments for the first time in its 58-year history.

"If you have been kissed under the mistletoe and it was bought, there's a 95 percent chance it came from us," said Robert Tiemann, the owner.

But not this year. "There's not enough mistletoe in the State of Texas to run a commercial operation," said Mr. Tiemann.

Well I say BAH HUMBUG!!!!