NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 25: Bethenny hosts Farrah Abraham and Bethenny tests infomercial product at CBS Broadcast Center on October 25, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for 'bethenny')

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Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, Pawn Stars are some of the most popular early evening TV cable shows. But around ten o’clock or so the info babes come out.

They run the gamut of TV taste. Weight loss programs, spectacular gadgets that you wish you had thought of, real estate courses, non-stick fry pans and every cleaner or glue product you can imagine. It’s free enterprise on steroids from 10 PM to 7 AM.

The Price Is Right

It seems most everything is priced at $19.95 plus shipping and handling of course. I understand shipping but I have to pay for the person to put the item in a box? That seems a little much.

That’s not really surprising when you get the bill. The profit is usually not made on the $19.95 item. The profit is made in the shipping and handling of the $19.95 item.

Order Now And We’ll Double The Offer

OK, I’m convinced. I really need this caulking gunk for some strange reason, but wait. Holy Moly, if I order now they will double the offer for the same $19.95 what a deal.

And all I have to do is pay someone a few dollars more to put the second item in another box and ship it to me.

I guess it’s too much to ask to put both items in the same box and save some handling charges. Or, are there enough people who don’t want the second item that they are forced to ship the double offer separately.

I guess putting two in a box and putting them in one spot and one in a box someplace else would just be too much shipping and handling to make a profit.

As Seen On TV

How many times have we seen this on a product in your neighborhood store? But do things really work “as seen on TV?” Usually not.

I have been suckered into a few late night purchases in a weak moment and if I didn’t break it trying to put it together then there was the steap learning curve of using half the product before using it as effortlessly as seen on TV.

Some Final Thoughts

The reason everything on late night TV is $19.95 is because studies show that you don’t mind losing that amount of money. The chances are you are not going to go through the hassle of trying to get your money back. Usually the fine print says they get to keep the shipping and handling and you are on the hook for shipping it back.

You will conveniently forget that the shipping and handling set you back almost as much or more than the price of the item itself. Looking back you probably paid for the one you thought you were getting free after the dust settles.

You will chalk it up to a lesson learned and go on with your life until the next cool product shows up after Storage Wars.

The next time you have $19.95 burning a hole in your pocket, change the channel. House, Criminal Minds, Bones or CSI is always on somewhere. Do you really need two cans of Flex-Seal??

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