A Flathead County election judge drove a truck (pictured below) to a polling location in Whitefish, MT. The truck contained rhetoric and indication of whom to vote for in the 2012 election. Him being an election judge, is this wrong? And what needs to be done to wipe slate clean for future elections at this location?

...there isn't anything that states that they can't drive a vehicle and park it 100, 200 feet away from a polling place with a political sign on it....And so at this point, I guess it's more of an ethical question. Who am I to determine, if it's not within statute, whether he's ethically right or wrong?"

Montana State Law says:

Montana law restricts campaigning, or “electioneering on election day within any polling place. . . or
within 100 feet of any entrance to the building which the polling place is located. . .”
(13-35-211, MCA emphasis added)

Source: politicalpractices.mt.gov


Will there ever be a day when people simply own up to their indiscretions? No one likes tattle tales but even worse are liars. They are worse for the good hard working people who are associated with them.

[EDIT] I tried to stay unbiased as possible while writing this. I have not indicated any political parties throughout this article. I'm simply curious what you think of this direct and obvious violation of state law. The Election Administrator says there is not a law against driving a vehicle to a polling place with a political sign on it. If this truck is simply a vehicle with a political sign on it, than a book is just a really long sentence.

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