Montana Congressman and former Commander at SEAL Team Six Ryan Zinke joined Greta Van Susteren Monday evening to discuss the ongoing situation with ISIS, Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks that the U.S. is “on the road” to defeating ISIS, and the immediate need for a plan to destroy the enemy.

“It's nonsense that ISIS is being checked. ISIS is expanding. .. We may be on the road [to defeat ISIS] but we are not going anywhere. ISIS is expanding and to say that we have had a significant impact in their leadership, to say we have killed 7,000 ISIS terrorists, how do you arrive at that number? We are going to have to make sure supply ammunition, food, medicine, you know, for Kurds and selected Sunni tribes empower those Islam friends to help us fight this battle. I don't think there is any chance that we have ISIS under control or degrading their capability

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