Having been hunting a few times for Elk...I personally could not imagine coming across this awesome bull. And Bow hunting no less. Sage said:

Fought off the grizzlies, outsmarted the wolves and found this awesome public land bull. Gallatin County bow kill 2012!


That is awesome, and for submitting his photo and getting the most online votes at KMMSAM.com, he won an awesome optics package from Bob Wards. Which includes..


Binoculars -  10×42 Talon
Spotting Scope  -  80 MM Viper
Rifle Scope  -  4-12×40 Viper
Scope Rings  -  Hunter 1” Rings
Rangefinder -  Ranger 1000
Over $2700 in prizes!

We will be doing more great things with Bob Wards coming up, maybe a flyfishing dream package? What would you like to win?