Earlier this week when I spoke with Rear Admiral David Titley, I had three basic questions I hoped he would answer:

  1. Is Climate Change 'real'?
  2. If so, are we, human beings, causing it?
  3. What are the effects of Climate Change on the planet?

Rear Admiral Titley isn't some bleeding-heart, tree-hugging liberal... He's former Navy. His bio reads, in part:

Dr. David Titley is a nationally known expert in the field of climate, the Arctic, and National Security. He served as a naval officer for 32 years and rose to the rank of Rear Admiral. Dr. Titley’s career included duties as Oceanographer and Navigator of the Navy and Deputy Assistant Chief of Naval Operations for Information Dominance. While serving in the Pentagon, Dr. Titley initiated and led the US Navy’s Task Force on Climate Change. After retiring from the Navy, Dr. Titley served as the Deputy Undersecretary of Commerce for Operations, the Chief Operating Officer position at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. He is now the Director of the Center for Solutions to Weather and Climate Risk at Pennsylvania State University.

As you can hear in the conversation below, we covered my three basic questions and so much more: