I enjoy Christmas Season very much and have many good memories. It’s not always easy to repeat all the good times I’ve enjoyed, but here is a little reminiscing poem from me to you:

‘Tis the week of Christmas and Winter Solstice;

A longing for warmth and Light through Christus.

Home-decorations inside and out, show great talent without a doubt.

Streets display winter; inviting all to enjoy it, and not whimper.

Cozy stores fighting tough times; hoping you spend a few dimes.

With low prices for good deals, you will surely find some great steals.

At Christmas we share pain and good cheer, and await a New Year.

Many enjoy gifts or presents; others prefer a short time of penance.

Some people like to go within, and imagine peace for self and kin.

Others remember loved-ones lost, to illness or at accidental cost.

A gathering with family or friends, with food and fare that blends;

Good memories of times past, and new ones you want to last.

Make sure your Christmas is special, and your memories are blissful

See it as a time of recharging spirit; or of making a postponed visit.

Many beautiful songs provide a mood that is tried and true;

And I whistle along as I wish a Merry Christmas to each of you!

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