Look, please understand I really don't like to do these type of lists, because what do I know? This list could change in the next hour, the place may close forever in the next hour a million things can happen.

My editor has repeatedly chided me that, 'You know Chris, that top 11 list of best places to dance in Bozeman is always a top viewed page." I have so many problems with writing this. First, I don't dance, but I do like to dine.

So here we go; Chris' Five Favorite Places to Eat in Bozeman, for various reasons. Please note there is not a top place or last place here.

Red Chair - Look, it's quick and easy for me as it's in my neighborhood. Always good food enjoy the wantons just added to the menu.

Bacchus Pub - Again, quick and easy as it's just around the corner from the office, see the trend? I have always been met with a smile and some of the best pub grub in town.  The New England clam chowder is to die for.

Seven Sushi - I don't know much about sushi but everyone needs a good joint for it. NEVER had a bad meal here.

John Bozeman Bistro - Another place quick and easy from the office. But beginning July 3rd, Sunday Brunch is BACK! If any fish is offered at brunch TAKE IT. Trust me.

Western Cafe - I mean, come on... Who doesn't have a classic diner on their list. But make it your first choice on the weekend, because after you realize the trendy cafe's are filled, so is the Western!

Who did I leave off the list?