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Mubarak Supporters, Protesters Clash In Egypt
It seems that both sides in the dispute have been heading towards the events that are taking place today in Egypt, as violence now begins to erupt in the country after more than a week of protests. The escalation is obviously a cause for worry both in Egypt and around the world.
Explosion In Moscow Airport
Russia is hit by a apparent terrorist attack in Russia's busiest airport. Reports say 31 dead and hundreds injured. Survivor's recall the events and one may have even spotted the bomber seconds before the explosion.
Sergei L. Loiko -Los Angeles Times
The bomb at Domodedovo International Airport was pa…
Political Tax Evaders? Oxymoron?
Can you believe this? Politicians and celebrities accused of tax evasion. Former Swiss banker, Rudolf Elmer, has handed over a disc to wikileaks containing 2,000 names including 40 politicians he believes are guilty of tax evasion. Politicians not paying taxes? If they are found guilty they should b…
Wikileaks Strikes Again
Wikileaks is still causing stirs in our political affairs. In a recently released cable, a document written by Gene Cretz about Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi may cause Cretz to lose his role as Ambassador to Lybia. One might think Cretz wrote terrible things to cause his possible resignation but you…
Autism And Vaccine Connection A Fraud
We all care about our childrens' health more than anything. This leads us to believe experts' advice in making the right decisions. What happens when those experts use their persuasion to give false advise? We have no other choice but to believe them seeing as how they ARE the experts. One…

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