Best Videos of 2013 You Haven’t Seen [VIDEO]
I am an online blogger by profession and the fact that I have not seen these videos makes me think I either I am really bad at what I do, or I have stumbled upon some great videos you also have not seen. Tosh.0 look out!
2013 Magic City Shorts Film Festival Showcases Bozeman’s Talent [VIDEOS]
If you have lived in Bozeman for any amount of time, I'm sure you have met more than a few film school students. I'm sure you also felt a bit of jealousy when they explained they are studying to work on movies, sit-coms, documentaries, news stations and other forms of visual media. Curious what they…
Is A Bear Napping in Your Pool House? [VIDEO]
Is this a reverse Goldilocks and the Three Bears? This bear made himself right at home by taking a nap not on a bed but on the floor of a Florida poolhouse. The seven year old who found him did exactly what every kid would do - recorded a video of it on his cellphone...
Test How Old Your Ears Are Right Now [VIDEO]
Is your hearing what it once was? Have you gone to a lot of loud concerts or listened to your headphones on eleven? Here is a test to see just how far along your ears are in their listening ability's degradation.

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