Dad Films Kids Coming Down Stairs on Christmas for 25 Years [VIDEO]
What does 25 years of Christmas look like? The best part was always rushing down the stairs to find the presents right? It's fun to see how the kids get prgressively more excited each year and then as they mature a bit more reserved again. And dad of the quarter-century award goes to...
Greatest Golf Recovery Shot Ever [VIDEO]
Golf is a tricky game that will have you hating it and loving it within the same 10 minutes. This golfer managed to hit the ball in the opposite direction of the hole off a fence post and dang near makes the shot. I hope you never have to try this shot but if you do, do it like this guy.
Funniest Beer Commercials Ever? [VIDEO]
Carlton Dry Beer is taking the risky but seemingly obvious route of showing the silliness their customers probably get into while consuming their products. Let the hilarity ensue and watch these 10 commercials for the Australian beer.
Probation Given to Teen Who Killed 4 in Drunk Driving Crash
16-year-old Ethan Couch caused a crash which took the lives of four people. At the time of the crash, Couch was 3 times over the legal blood alcohol limit for an adult at .24. His sentence - 10 years probation without a single day in jail. My thoughts at the bottom of the post.
Birds Like to Go Sledding Too [VIDEO]
This video is all the proof I need  to know that even birds like to have a little fun now and then. Maybe that's how they evolved wings, they just kept jumping off of stuff for the fun of it until they could eventually fly.
Amazon Warehouse Robots Are the Elves of the Future [VIDEO]
I could barely believe this video when I saw it. These robots by Kiva Systems track down items in the Amazon warehouse and deliver the items to workers for shipping. It's magical to watch. The only thing missing are the bells on the tip of their shoes! If they had shoes that is.

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