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Friday The 13th – Do You Feel Lucky?
This year, 2013 is a real double whammy for folks who suffer from both “Triskaidekaphobia,” the fear of the number 13, and those with “Paraskavedekatriaphobia,” which is the fear of the actual day of Friday the 13th.
The Munich Massacre
Terrorism has been with us for centuries. Instilling fear in others has always been a tactic used to control groups of people by dictators and radicals.
Happy Labor Day!!
Labor Day is set aside each year to honor the social and economic achievements of American Workers. In the past 200 years American workers have completely changed the world.
The King Is Dead: Long Live The King
As Elvis’ career unfolded most of us who grew up during that time thought that Elvis would be the next Sinatra. He’d end up in Vegas make a movie every now and then and be a national treasure.

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