‘Sleep Texting’ Is Now a Thing Among Teenagers
Being a teenager is a perilous time in one's life as a not-quite fully developed brain will cause the teen to make all kinds of questionable decisions.
Now thanks to a new phenomenon called sleep-texting, the teenager can even make these bad decisions while they are catc…
The Bumper Sticker
Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, smart phones, texting are taking over all forms of known communication. Yet, the lowly bumper sticker still remains.
Women in Combat?
The armed services will have till January of 2016 to assess the situation and decide what functions women will or will not perform on the battlefield.
The Roller Coaster Price of Gasoline
Six billion people in the world, each one trying to solve the world’s energy problems in their own countries, yet the internal combustion engine still goes unchallenged on our world highways.
Apple Changes Age Rating For NRA: Practice Range
After feeling the pressure from NY Sen. Chuck Schumer and other NY politicians yesterday, Apple changed the age limit for the National Rifle Association's controversial target-shooting game NRA: Practice Range. The free app was originally rated 4+ and deemed suitable for children 4 ye…
Teen Drugs Parents So She Can Stay Online Past Curfew
We've all heard the stories about stressed-out parents drugging their unruly toddlers with a dose of Benadryl so that they can get some shut-eye, but this is certainly a new twist. On December 28, a 16 year-old girl and her 15-year-old friend from Northern California decided to buy her parents two m…
Tom’s Opinion: Global Warming – Fact or Fiction?
I’ve been around the planet a day or two. I’ve lived in warm climates, cold climates and in between climates. In recent years the topic of global warming moves to the headlines during or after some catastrophic disaster. The most recent example would be — hurric…

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