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Montana High School Upset About Confederate Flag Shirt
A Montana high school student has been disciplined for wearing a Confederate flag sweatshirt. The administrators requested that he stop wearing it and he didn't.
The Missoulian says 17-year-old Mitchell Ballas was suspended after wearing the sweatshirt to Big Sky High School every day since las…
Sen. Daines Trying To Save Montana Amtrak Jobs
During a hearing in the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Senator Steve Daines urged Amtrak officials to reconsider cutting ticket agent jobs at Amtrak’s Havre and Shelby stations. He asked them to take action to ensure the transportation needs of rural Montanans are met.
Now That We Know Who Had Sex With Who
If you were willing to file a lawsuit to find out which Billings police officers had sex on the job (or on city property), why not file a lawsuit to find out why $3 million in state settlements have been paid out by state government?

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