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Big Sky Country State Fair is Coming
The Big Sky Country State Fair is coming soon. Today on Dominick On The Air, we had on two people from the Gallatin County 4-H Club.
Kelton Jensen in in charge of 4-H youth development. The 4-H will be at the fair and members of the group will be showing their animals...
Bozeman Hosts National Expo: Keep an Open Mind
Bozeman is hosting something called The Red Pill Expo, June 23 and 24.
Red Pill, what is that? I don't know and you may not know, but a whole group of people do. It's from the movie the Matrix. In the beginning of the film Morpheus offers a young man a chance to learn the truth...
Montana Steps Up to Help a Victim of the Deck Collapse
Last weekend a deck collapsed at Glacier Camp in Lakeside almost 50 people were killed. We reported it on Dominick On The Air that the people of Montana have stepped up to help.
After all the news has died down, there are at least two people who still remain in critical condition...
Comedian Paula Poundstone Coming to Bozeman
Comedian Paula Poundstone says she is coming to the Ellen Theater, Friday August 11 to tell "her little jokes."
Poundstone says she is happy to perform in Bozeman, but jokes saying she wants to ask Congressman Greg Gianforte some questions...

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