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Bozeman’s Biggest Crime Problem
Today on Dominick In The Morning, Captain Andy Knight talked about crime in Bozeman. What is the biggest crime problem? Drugs. Drug addiction is the reason for most of the crime in Bozeman.
“They get addicted and need to pay for their habit,” Knight said...
Pounds of Meth Flooding into Bozeman… The Answer?
A man was arrested in a traffic stop near Bozeman yesterday. According to the Bozeman Chronicle, over a pound of meth was found in his car.
The drug problem in Montana, in Bozeman, is growing. Why are things getting worse? We have declared a “War On Drugs...
Get Ready Bozeman… It’s Sweet Pea Time
Monday, on Dominick In The Morning we will be visited by Kris Olenicki, the executive director of the Sweet Pea Festival of the Arts.
Celebrating 40 years, Sweet Pea will be in full swing August 4th, 5th and 6th. Here is a list of some of the happenings:
• Music On Main – spo…
Foster Parents are Needed in Montana
Child Bridge was on Dominick In The Morning today. The organization helps put together abused and neglected children with foster families in Montana.
Rick Valore is the Community Director for Bozeman, and he is so proud that some children have even been adopted...
Behind the Badge With Bozeman’s Police Chief
"Talk to the Bozeman Police" is a new Wednesday segment on Dominick In The Morning that features law enforcement officers who talk about what's happening in our city. But it goes beyond that. We see the human side of the people who put their lives on the line for us...
Two Million Dollars to Get Montana Caught Up on DNA Testing
DNA has revolutionized police work. Attorney General Tim Fox is happy to announce that, because of a federal grant, over one thousand Montana rape kits can now be processed. They have been sitting untested just waiting to be tested.
Fox said it isn't like the movies or television where cops get …
Bozeman Police Let Their Hair Down on AM1450
"Talk to the Bozeman Police" is a brand new feature on Dominick In The Morning. Starting this Wednesday and every week at 8 a.m. on Wednesday we are going to look behind the badge.
What are the men and women of law enforcement thinking of police issues in the news today...

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