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Bozemans New Parks And Rec Director [AUDIO]
Mitch Overton is the new Bozeman Parks and Rec Director. He was officially in town less than 1 hour after being hired and Chris Kukulski brought him by for everyone to hear.
I welcome Mitch and his family to Bozeman and hope he brings common sense and great idea's to town...
Re-write The Constitution? Are You Crazy!?
Is re-writing the constitution the right thing to do? It would be done by a Constitutional Convention.
Is this the only way to fix a broken government?
Why can't our elected officials fix the problems?
What needs to be amended?
Author Paul Antinori was on my show and told us all about what and how …
Would You Like To Be A Citizen Journalist? [AUDIO]
The Bozeman Tea Party is hosting a 1 day workshop to teach you the ins and outs of becoming a citizen journalist.
Are you tired of relying on the Big Media?
Stand up and take a stand. For just $10 you can learn investigative reporting skills, hold elected officials accountable and empower yourself...
Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss On Bozeman’s Pool Debate [AUDIO]
There is a lot of talk about building a new outdoor pool in Bozeman. Bogert Park Pool is just about on its last legs and may be lost to repair. Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss joined us in the studio to talk about plans for a new outdoor pool. Listen to the interview here and let us know in our poll what y…
Bozeman Is Ripe For Enterprenurism, Are You Ready [AUDIO]
What does it take to be an entrepreneur?
Do you have a business plan but no funding?
Do you need office space and a network, but no space to pull it off?
What is co-working?
Looking for knowledge to get your new venture rolling?
You came to the right place, I had 2 guests on with me this morning and they…

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