Handy Chart to Help You Pair Wine With Food
Are you stumped when it comes to pairing a good wine with a carefully prepared meal? Worry no longer with this cleverly designed food pairing chart from It will help you make expert decisions like pairing a Merlot with chicken, Champagne with hard cheese and fish, and Pinot Grigio wit…
The World’s Most Expensive Bacon Sandwich
If there is one thing the internet has taught us it's that people really love bacon. A coffee house in Cheltenham, England is betting that there are folks out there who love the cured meat so much that they would be willing to shell out 150 pounds ($237) for what they are calling the Bacon…
A Trip to McDonald’s
Last Sunday I was parked in front of the big screen for Super Bowl XLVII watching lots of calorie laden commercials. Doritos, beer, and that creepy Jared guy from Subway.

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