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Friday Fun Facts About Zombies
Zombies, vampires, and other horror creatures will always be with us. In some cases the films try to mirror society in other cases they just want a really high body count.
Best National Anthem EVER?
It's not the easiest song to sing, really it's not... BUT one of these is not like the other - my choice of the BEST ANTHEM EVER may shock you.
As much as I like my Dead, TALENT wins EVERY time. Who has performed your favorite rendition of the National Anthem?...
Lessons From The Super Bowl
Thirty teams didn’t make it to the Super Bowl. Only two teams were able to excel during their 16 game season plus playoff games to earn the right to meet in the big show.
The Day the Music Died
Fifty-four years ago a plane took off from Mason City, Iowa carrying four passengers bound for Moorhead, MN but crashed five miles northwest of the airport.

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