That’s Not My Job
Have you heard that phrase from someone? “Sorry, it’s not my job?” I think most of us have and that is one reason for the decline in service in many businesses.
Friday Fun Facts About Oil Subsidies
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Oil companies profits. They make so much and pay so little in taxes. They get all kinds of handouts from the government.
Everyone wants to cut the “handouts” to oil companies...
Let’s Tax The Rich At 90%!
Tax the rich at 90% and make them pay their “fair share.” To someone uneducated about how taxes work this sound like a great idea until you run the numbers.
Montana Gas Prices Near Summer Peak, Expert Says
Montana gas prices keep climbing, and Petroleum Analyst Will Spear says that in one week, Montana prices rose nearly as much as the national price rose over the past four weeks.
"Another rough week for Montana drivers. Gas prices were up another seven-and-a-half cents from last …

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