A Post About Nothing
Unless there was some life-changing event, most of us can’t remember what we were doing one year ago today. I certainly can’t.
The Power of Radio
Radio has come a long way since Reginald Fessenden’s Christmas Eve, voice and music broadcast to ships at sea, from the shores of Massachusetts in 1906.
Do We Really Need An Internet Tax?
Assuming online retailers could realize a nice 3% profit after expenses there would be a taxable income of $6.75 billion — hardly a national debt busting amount in a trillion dollar plus economy.
February, Done At LAST!
However, in simple terms, February, in my humble opinion, is like an entire month of Monday mornings. It’s cold, it’s bleak, there’s no football, no baseball yet, I think that’s the main reason it’s the shortest month of the year.
Many Happy Returns
Get a nasty looking sweater for Christmas? Ugly tie? Two of the same thing? Welcome to the day after Christmas — the biggest return day of the year.

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