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What Happens to Soda in Your Car at 20 Below
So living in a high rise apartment in Montana, sometimes it is too hard to take all your soda up to your apartment. Now, if you buy only one case of soda (12 Cans) it is like $6 dollars. If you buy four cases or more you can get a deal, like maybe $4 dollars a case
Senator Daines Wants to Expand Tax Relief for Pregnant Moms
Senator Steve Daines is working hard to expand the Child Tax Credit to cover all families, including pregnant moms. The Child Tax Credit for Pregnant Moms Act builds on the Child Tax Credit provisions by supporting families and pregnant mothers with the many costs that accompany caring and planning …
Poll: Matt Rosendale Has Advantage in Race for MT Senate Seat
A new study says that Matt Rosendale, the conservative in the race for United States Senate, has an advantage in the primary contest because of name recognition. Nearly eight out of ten (78%) likely Republican primary voters have heard of him, and among those who have an image of Rosendale, forty-th…

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