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Dentistry from the Heart Giving Back to Bozeman
It's called Dentistry from the Heart. On Saturday, August 26 if you can't get dental care elsewhere, the Hays Dental Group will be of service. This is their way of giving back to our community.
They are offering a choice of getting a filling, maybe have a tooth pulled (that's called an…
METH: A Killer Drug is On My Mind, Bozeman
NBC Montana reports that the Montana Highway Patrol is seeing a major increase in methamphetamine (meth). This is a very bad drug. I have had friends of mine ruin their lives and die too soon because of it.
In the story, (Click Here), MHP Lt...
Love & Hate from Bozeman Radio Listeners
I love doing the morning show Dominick In The Morning. Bozeman is a great place to live and put down roots. Today when I checked the emails, I was so upset and hurt. This is what I love and hate about being a talk host...
Dear AM 1450
After a few months of listening to your morning show host I am comp…
Domestic Violence: Would You Even Recognize It?
Did you know that 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime? And most often by someone they know. Sadly, these statistics may be even higher, since most cases of domestic violence go unreported to the police.
Bozeman’s Biggest Crime Problem
Today on Dominick In The Morning, Captain Andy Knight talked about crime in Bozeman. What is the biggest crime problem? Drugs. Drug addiction is the reason for most of the crime in Bozeman.
“They get addicted and need to pay for their habit,” Knight said...

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