South African President Jacob Zuma is aiming to sue the Sunday Times for a political cartoon drawn more than two years ago. Will this do more than patch up the Presidents ego or will it hurt him even more in the public eye? (Cartoon inside)

The cartoonist, known as "Zapiro", told South Africa's Times paper that he fully stood by the cartoon and the views it expressed.

It showed a woman, wearing a sash with the words "Justice System", being pinned down by four figures.

They represented the governing African National Congress (ANC), the ANC Youth League, the South African Communist Party and trade union organisation Cosatu.

"Go for it, Boss!" they say to Mr Zuma, shown unbuckling his belt.

"I think the president has been badly advised. All he and his legal team are going to do is drag this case back into the public eye," lawyer Eric van der Berg is quoted in the paper as saying.