Governor Steve Bullock recently responded with the following statement on the elimination Title X family planning funding:

“Once again, Washington, D.C. officials could learn a thing or two from Montana and the path we’ve taken. The reproductive health of low-income women is too important to become a partisan football, which is why—unlike Congress—Montana has removed these decisions from political fights. The move by the House committee to zero out Title X funding is dangerous and puts the health and safety of Montana women at risk. It’s this type of partisan gamesmanship that has Montanans so frustrated with Washington, D.C. I hope our state’s federal delegation will fight to undo these harmful cuts.”

As governor, Bullock has worked to expand access to reproductive health services for Montanans. In the recently ended legislative session, he signed into law a measure sponsored by Republican Rep. Christy Clark that makes Title X funding a statutory appropriation, meaning it will not be subject to partisan fights in the legislature. The measure received wide bipartisan support in the legislature.