With Labor Day approaching, Governor Steve Bullock, Lt. Gov. Angela McLean, and Commissioner Pam Bucy have presented the 2015 Labor Day Report to Montana’s workers. This year’s report emphasizes that the state’s economy continues to grow and is positioned to improve over the coming year.

“Montana’s economy is strong and getting stronger every day,” said Bullock. “Workers are on the job at Main Street, Montana businesses and earning higher wages. Through innovative partnerships, we are equipping the next generation of Montanans with the knowledge, skills, and experience that will give them—and our state—an advantage for years to come.”

Key highlights from the report include:

·         Montana’s total employment levels are over half a million jobs for the first time in the state’s history.
·         Montana is #6 in the nation for wage growth over the last five years, increasing 3.5 percent over the last year.
·         Montana's unemployment rate is at ideal levels and continues to outpace the national average at 4.0 percent.
·         Montana’s personal income growth continues to be faster than the national average.
·         Montana’s GDP expanded by 4.5 percent in 2014

The Labor Day Report is presented annually by the Montana Department of Labor & Industry and provides a detailed look at our state’s economy as measured by key indicators important specifically to Montana’s workforce, such as unemployment and personal income growth.