In a letter today, Governor Bullock offered to work with NorthWestern Energy CEO Bob Rowe to explore alternative ownership of Colstrip Units 1, 2 and 3 through a working group convened by the state. The governor also had conversations Talen Montana and Puget Sound Energy, the current joint owners of Colstrip Units 1 and 2 and a portion of Unit 3, and both companies are willing to participate in the working group.

“I am concerned about the community, workers, and the valued electricity that is provided by those facilities, both for in-state consumption by Montanans and for export to our neighbors,” said Governor Bullock.  “And as we take a focused look on options for Colstrip’s future, we will also continue our efforts to develop other aspects of Montana’s energy portfolio and take advantage of our other abundant opportunities to create more good-paying jobs for Montana families in the renewable energy sector.”