Football is a tough sport, especially at the High School level. There are three-a-day practices, hard hitting tackles and coaches who forget to remain decent human beings. One coach in Buffalo, WY willingly resigned after dispersing a controversy causing sheet of paper to his team. What did that paper say?

Apparently head coach Pat Lynch wanted the team's next away game to go as smoothly as possible and to ensure this, he handed out surveys for students to file any grievances they may have. What was on the flier may shock or even offend you.

Head coach Pat Lynch released an apology amidst the backlash from angry parents and community members.

“I would like to apologize for my lapse in judgment and the poor choice I made from my position as the head football coach for Buffalo High School.”

Lynch isn't alone with his lapse of judgment, earlier this week record holding Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno was fired after sex scandal allegations, and a Tennessee High School football coach, Shawn Abel, was fired after a video of a profanity filled rant was posted onto YouTube.

This makes me wonder if incidents like this are happening all over the country. Will these stories influence more and more students to speak out against their coaches or are these isolated occurrences?