Cody Christopher Littleof Bozeman was charged Friday afternoon in district court with three felonies: two counts of attempted deliberate homicide and one count of assault with a weapon. Police Chief Ron Price said Little wounded three Bozeman men, all in their mid- to late-20s. Two were in serious condition, one of whom was shot in the abdomen and appeared to have life-threatening injuries, Price said. The other two had leg injuries. All were taken to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital, and one may have been flown to a larger metropolitan hospital, Price said. The victims' names were not released.

Statement from the Bozeman Police Dept.

In the early morning hours of September 20, 2013, the Bozeman Police Department detained a 25 year old Bozeman resident after a shooting that injured three people.

Just after 4:00 AM, 911 dispatchers began receiving several calls of a shooting in the 100 block of N. Ferguson.  The reports varied, some reporting gunshots, with others reporting injured people. Within minutes officers from the Bozeman Police Department arrived and detained the suspect who was identified by witnesses and being held by people at the scene.  The weapon was located at the time of the arrest.  Officers provided immediate life-saving care to victims until medical help could arrive.  Deputies with the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office and officers from MSU Police assisted with the call.

Investigators have learned that an argument occurred at a party in a nearby apartment.  Following that argument, the suspect approached several people in a driveway area.  He had returned with a shotgun and fired several shots.  Three men, in their mid to late twenties, were injured during the gunfire.  The three victims were transported to Bozeman Deaconess Hospital for treatment.  The conditions of the victims are not known at this time.

The Bozeman Police Department will continue this investigation and updates will be provided as they become available. "

We will continue to monitor the situation and will update as new information becomes available.