I know I'm going to omit a few people, only because of my absentmindedness - and please forgive me, but I feel compelled to acknowledge a few of the great nonprofits that have become friends of the Morning Show.

I start with Gallatin Valley Land Trust only because Penelope Pierce, Executive Director, was one of the first people I met upon my arrival in Bozeman.

While I welcome any and all conversation with GVLT, a few organizations I hope to never speak with again, but unfortunately know I will Include:


HAVEN is committed to reducing the incidence and minimizing the impact of domestic abuse on families and communities. Providing emergency shelter, crisis intervention, on-going support, referrals, and education.

Cancer Support Community:

Cancer Support Community located in Bozeman, provides a full range of support programs for people with cancer and their loved ones in a comfortable home-like setting, completely free of charge.


HRDC exists to help people deal with practical issues as well as the fear and stress they feel in the face of crises like hunger and homelessness or the inability to provide the basic elements of a safe and productive life for themselves and their families.

I know there are so many more that I'm forgetting or at the current loss in memory. I only ask, if you have the means - time or money, do what you choose to make our community better. Please add your 'Friends' that I've forgotten in the comments below.