That's what was said by a guest on a News/Talk program back in Rhode Island. He was the professional expert on WPRO radio with host Buddy Cianci.

Here is the story on the WPRO station website.

Story On WPRO website in Rhode Island.

So I called the guy who is the Liberal Professor at Newport Naval War College.

I didn't get ahold of him before I left the station Wednesday, so I looked on the WPRO website for a podcast of his segment...and yep it was there. So I listened through the mediocre interview and I heard Genest say this..

Well if you want to hear his 9 minute segment you can go to the WPRO website here.

Buddy Cianci Show on WPRO News/Talk full interview with Marc Genest

Here is Marc Genest contact info..

Marc Genest, Phd contact info.