Better Business Bureau has recently been alerted of a suspect timeshare purchasing business called All Business Consultant Services (ABCS) claiming to be located in Dalton Gardens, Idaho. A consumer was contacted by phone by a representative from ABCS offering to purchase the consumer’s timeshare in Mexico. The solicitor claimed to have a buyer interested in purchasing the timeshare who was willing to pay more than face value and already had cash in an escrow account for the purchase.

It sounded like the perfect transaction until the consumer received a call from the supposed escrow agent, who explained the contract included a $4,100 fee to pay the new owner up front due to Mexican government taxes.

BBB’s investigation revealed the address listed as ABCS’s physical location is a postal store. ABCS claims to have been in business since 2012, but it appears the owner of the company​ purchased the business name in Idaho in August 2015 from a corporation that had formed in 2012 so they were able to reinstate the business and use the previous company’s start date as their own.

BBB has confirmed the Mexican government does not require any kind of tariff, title or change fee up front from a timeshare seller.

If you have been a victim of a scam, report it to BBB’s Scam Tracker by calling 509-455-4200.