With the world at our fingertips this holiday season, there are a few things that get under my skin. Below you will find a short list, yet one deserves honorable mention: Christmas/End of Year List, so it's something of self-loathing I write this.

Five things that are sorta Christmas, but NOT:

5 - Nightmare Before Christmas: Tim Burton is a true creative genius. I generally enjoy his films, but not this one, and this gives you the idea of where this list is heading.

"One person's craziness is another person's reality." - Tim Burton

4 - Dominick the Donkey: I'm not a fan of Christmas/holiday music in general. It's nothing more than a play on the season's emotions. There is a special place in Hell for the people responsible for this release.

3 - Macy's is already running "after Christmas" sales ads online on nearly every website I visited today. Isn't that rather self-defeating? I couldn't find the 2015 version, but the 2014 version will do... You'll get the idea.

2 - Ted Cruz: From the truly BIZARRE file, we have this honest to goodness Christmas political ad from Ted Cruz. Yes, he wants to be YOUR next President.

And the number one thing, Sorta Christmas, but NOT