It's been the feature of countless books, movies, games and probably a divorce or two. Area 51 has been the long renowned location for possibly housing all top secret materials that prove contact with extraterrestrials. The US government has finally acknowledged its existence. What did they say its purpose was? 

Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act and the request submitted by Jeffrey T. Richelson in 2005, a map and documents about the facility have finally been made public.

According to CNN, it turns out the facility was a testing site for the government's U-2 and OXCART aerial surveillance programs which spied on locations around the world inluding the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Do you think this is a ploy to take the heat off of the recent NSA data mining controversy? Do you believe there still might be evidence of alien contact at the base? Fifty plus years is a long time to clean the place up. Just saying.