Tuesday, Americans for Prosperity Montana released the following statement upon news that the Montana Senate voted to pass Sen. Buttrey’s alternative plan for Medicaid Expansion.

AFP Montana Director Zach Lahn:

“The majority of Montanans want senators who will oppose Obamacare, but today the Senate voted for just the opposite. This bill is no “Montana Solution.” It is Obamacare with a new name. Like the Governor’s bill, Senator Buttrey's bill will increase the size of government, put taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars in new spending, and expand the President’s healthcare law. The Senate’s vote today is unacceptable and we will be educating constituents in their districts on their vote and be sure they are held accountable."

“We encourage members of the house to vote NO on the alternative Medicaid Expansion proposal, should it come for a vote. Taxpayers just can’t afford more Obamacare.”