What is wrong with truly bona fided Rock Stars when it comes to county music?

Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is the latest to do so -- But I mean, Aerosmith have long been called the 'American version' of the Rolling Stones. When the Stones went 'country' they at least did it with the help of the amazing, and SERIOUSLY underrated, Gram Parsons who turned the country world on it head in the early 1970's.

Back to Steven Tyler: He's just released his first 'country' single. Here are his thoughts:

This video has so many personal elements in it for me,” said Tyler in a recent press release about the video, which was filmed just outside of Nashville. “I came from a family that was a touring band. I grew up as a young boy with my pet raccoon and my slingshot. My real band Loving Mary is featured in the video. This song and video both resemble what the album will sound like.”

Here are The Stones going old school country:

Stones win HANDS DOWN!