A video was posted online which featured very graphic and violent beating of a single 17 year old by 7 other would be high schoolers. The video was posted on Sunday and has already made its way around the world causing anger and a call for retaliation for the beaten boy. But is there another side of the story?


All seven involved have been charged. One, Raymond Palomino, was charged as an adult and the other six were charged as minors.

[via NBCChicago]


One of the attackers has been arrested thanks to help from annonymous internet forums and the power of social media.


Here is the extremely graphic and violent video of the boy as he was beaten at 2800 South Princeton Avenue in Illinois. [WARNING EXTREMELY VIOLENT]

The most disturbing part, which I hope the prosecutors recognize, is that the group of boys went into the fight with masks and a camera. This tells me they knew that what they were doing would place them behind bars. They also wanted to share the video without being recognized. Someone who can put that much thought into such a violent act is much more than a school bully.

Here is a YouTube response by a girl who claims to know both the attackers and the attacked and tries to explain the situation.

As you would imagine, the YouTube comments on this video are not favoring the girl in the video as most of the public is in complete outrage.

On CBS Chicago, the comments quickly divided between people calling for justice and people defending the bullies. Well, defending them from what kind of 'justice' they should be dealt. There is even a commenter by the name of Freddy Wu acting suspiciously in defense of the attackers. He nearly dismisses the victim in a very unsympathetic kind of way.

Is it the government's role to address the public to help protect the attackers from angry civilian retaliation? Judging by comments circulating around this story, this video may have created 1000's of Batman esque vigilantes with a hunger for justice. Criminals beware!