What if $1000 was only a click away? I'm saying literally 30 seconds of work could amount to $1000. All you need to do is like Seize the Deal on Facebook before March 21st and you're entered to win! Maybe you need some motivation. What can $1000 buy you in Bozmeman? Find out here!

  • Buy your books for the semester

    We know some majors at Montana State University require the students to carry around a hefty amount of uber expensive books. With $1000 you could possibly cover two whole semesters of books and supplies! Or spend the money on a new laptop. I would recommend the laptop and rely on borrowing books from classmates all year ;)

  • Get That New Bike

    With each summer in Bozeman comes great weather. This wonderful summer weather is sure to coax you outside to travel the town on two wheels. With $1000, you could buy a top of the line bike that's easy on the eyes and the thighs.

  • Next Year's Season Pass

    Even though this season hasn't shaped up to be the greatest ski season in history, it sure is offering some great spring skiing. With $1000 and end of the season discounts on next years passes, you could get a season pass for next year and upgrade the gear you're still rocking from 2008.

  • Get out of Bozeman

    Let's face it, no matter how much you love Bozeman's seasons we all would love a trip away for some tropical beach time right? With $1000 you could be sipping cocktails and playing beach volleyball in Hawaii, Florida, or South Carolina; you name it and the $1000 should get you there. Getting back, that I leave up to you!

  • Cruise Bozeman in Style

    Gas prices continue to rise and there doesn't seem to be a thing we can do about it. Unless, you get yourself a scooter! That's right, a scooter. These babies can get you up to 85-90 miles per gallon.

    Let's do the math. I drive a car that gets 30 mpg. I calculated that I drove roughly 3333 miles between May and September last year. At the current price of $3.30 per gallon, I spent $366.66. If I were to be driving a Vespa that whole time, I would have spent only $129.39 on gas. That's a savings of $237.37! This baby would pay for itself in just a few years! Curious what the difference is if your car gets around 22mpg?  You're spending 499.95 on gas and would save $370.56!

    $1000 might not cover every scooter on the market but it's a good start to saving that dough and the planet.