Montana Head Coach Bob Stitt introduced his first recruiting class on Wednesday afternoon at the Stadium Club high atop Washington Grizzly Stadium.

Stitt's first class reflected his passion for offense, with a bevy of wide receivers and quarterbacks from Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho and Montana.

"We are going to bring in five wide receivers," Stitt said. "It sounds like a lot of wide receivers, but they each play a different role in our offense. We'll have an inside-type receiver that's a bigger kid, like a smaller tight end who's really athletic and can run. We need a slot receiver who's a little guy who can make people miss, and then the taller longer wide receivers outside. We've got five and we're waiting on one more, so we should have six by the end of the day"

Stitt said he's waiting to hear from one more running back who has committed to play for Montana, as well.

"Offensive line, we've got four guys coming in along with a couple of quarterbacks and one cornerback, two safeties, two linebackers and two defensive linemen, so we feel great about the balance of our recruiting class," he said. "This could be a really good recruiting class in a few years."

Stitt said he felt it was important to get the finest recruits in the state of Montana first.

"We're very excited about Montana and the kids we got in the state," Stitt said. "The five guys that we signed are as good as I could ever imagine, and we're ecstatic about the clean sweep that we had here in the state of Montana."

Spring football drills begin in 33 days, and the excitement by Grizzly boosters, coaches and players for the new era ushered in with the hiring of Bob Stitt at the event was palpable.

A complete bio of all the new recruits is attached here.