Choose to walk, bicycle, ride a bus or carpool and win prizes!

Bozeman's HRDC, the Western Transportation Institute and the Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board are planning a friendly competition between organizations (or departments) that reward people that choose to commute to work by bicycle, foot, bus and/or carpool rather than drive alone. Try out the Streamline bus, get more exercise, make new friends and help keep our air clean by reducing your car trips.

How it works

  1. Recruit coworkers to create a team that all commute to the same workplace. Challenge other businesses to form a team. The more teams, the better the challenge!
  2. Choose a team captain who will contact Rebecca Gleason (rideshare site administrator) via email or 406-994-6541 to create a team name on the rideshare MT site.  Captains will provide the total number of employees in their organization or department.
  3. Team captains will then encourage their members to register and choose their team name as their employer on  Members will log their trips to work from Monday May 12 through Friday May 23 using the site's commute calendar (on my page/commute calendar). Note: all team names will begin with 2014 Challenge on the site.
  4. Anyone on a team who logs at least one bike/walk/bus/carpool commute from May 12-23 will be entered into a raffle to win prizes!  Certificates will be awarded to the top teams showing 1) total miles logged by sustainable modes and 2) percent employee participation.